Ryan Youngblood is a producer, tracking engineer, mixing engineer and lover of music. He has years of experience mixing national acts and has taken his production skills from the stage and fine-tuned them in the studio. He is interested in classic production techniques and appreciates an eclectic range of music and art.



     What’s great about our facility is that here artists have access to all of the same gear that one would find at a high end recording studio in a large city such as LA. From 1/2inch tape to pristine vintage and high end microphones, the YBP studio is comprehensively outfitted and fully capable of masterfully executing both classic and modern production techniques.

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     YBP Audio Production Facility is located in the historic South West region of Albuquerque. It is a fully equipped production facility complete with tape based recording formats, digital interfacing, classic gear and all the amenities of a classy, comfortable home. YBP is a relaxing, stimulating atmosphere where artists can produce, write, relax and even live throughout the duration of producing a record. The YBP facility offers live isolated tracking capability in order to capture the artists' most natural performance. Unlike the sterile environments most of us encounter at high end studios, YBP is a home with character, hospitality and most importantly an unencumbered passion for the little details that can make a production genuine and timeless.